Dipping my Toes in the Gig Economy: Part 1


I've been working in web development for about a year now, building high performance web applications, in Typescript & JavaScript. As part of my ongoing commitment to developing my skill set, I've decided to dip my toes into working in the gig economy developing Ghost Themes (it's what this website is built on) for clients on a popular online marketplace, Fiverr.

Why Ghost Themes?

I chose Ghost themes because I see Ghost as the best alternate to WordPress, it's easy to install, lightweight but powerful and flexible. It's really gathering steam, with large companies such as Mozilla, Tinder, and PADI using it as their blogging platforms. I see this as an indication that the popularity of the clunky, overly complex blogging systems such as WordPress is declining. This leaves a void of themes. Whereas WordPress has hundreds of thousands of themes available, Ghost themes are few and far between and this is gap that eventually needs to be filled, I hope to be part of fulfilling this requirement by helping those who wish to migrate, do so with ease.

Setting Up My First Gig

Setting up my fiverr gig was extremely easy and took about half an hour. I wrote about my experience, qualifications, and my goals for the fiverr gig. I used an image of my first ghost theme conversion and the ghost logo in attempt to draw attention to the gig.

Now What?

Now I wait. I'll report on my experiences as I receive and fulfill requests.